Miami has built itself around tourism primarily. It beckoned over 23 million people in 2018, which created an economic impact of $18 Billion. Boating is a beloved activity of people in the city; it has over 70,000 registered vessels. Some are available for rent for recreational activities.

Miami also boasts of Port Miami, one of the biggest ports of the country. It had over 334,500 workers employed in its midst and brought over $43 Billion in economic benefit. Docked cruise and cargo ships combined totaled 2,220, all in the 2018-19 period.

Such densities of people and vessels, combined with unpredictable weather and behavior, will inevitably lead to boating accidents. There are many types of boating accidents legally recognized for compensation in Florida, and a Miami boating accident lawyer can help if you’ve suffered any of them.

Matching Reality with Legality

Florida leads in boating ownerships and accidents; it had the highest number of registered vessels of any state at 925,141 in 2018. It also recorded 723 reportable boating accidents in 2019. A Miami boating accident lawyer is well-versed with the types of accidents and reasons behind them and can get you compensated for if any of them are behind yours.

Common Reasons and Types

A boating accident can occur due to one or many of the following reasons:

  • Negligence: Negligence while using a boat can be from one or many parties involved. Negligence entrustment is when the vessel owner allows a rider to use it who they know can’t handle the vessel right. Vicarious Liability is when the owner negligently allows another person to operate the boat on their behalf. This can lead to collisions and injuries due to the destructive breakdown of vessels.
  • Recklessness: This is when an accident occurs due to the rider’s driving that disregards safety and traffic laws. It could be in the form of overspeeding, doing wild stunts, not maintaining distance to other vessels while riding, etc. It is common with personal watercraft like Jet Skis and results in collisions that can cause death.
  • Operator Inexperience and Inattention: There are no formal training or license requirements like cars for riding boats and other personal watercraft. This results in inexperienced people taking to the vessel and causing an accident as they’re incapable of safely handling it.

A lack of attention is another problem that can cause accidents. This is particularly a problem when substances like drugs and alcohol are involved. It again causes collisions and being run-over in some cases.

  • Weather and Water Conditions: Florida’s weather can change at a moment’s notice, and inexperienced vessel users will be caught off guard by it. This will lead to accidents as they won’t be capable of handling the vessel in such wild conditions. Capsizing and sinking are the most common outcomes.

If your accident has occurred due to these, a boating accident lawyer will be able to get you compensation for the injuries and other losses due to it.

Personal Injury Compensation

Depending on the location, state, or federal laws will apply to your accident. Some of the common injuries you can get compensated for either way are:

  • Broken Bones and Fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Mental problems arising from it like PTSD
  • Loss of Limbs or permanent damage to them
  • Problems caused due to drowning
  • Injury from marine animal attack due to being in the water from the accident
  • Any other physical ailment arising from the accident

You can also prove that you’ve suffered the loss of ability to work and claim lost salary and employment. General pain and suffering can also be compensated for if you’re able to prove it.

Other Compensations and Charges

Under Florida law, if the total vehicle damage has crossed a value of $2,000, you can claim compensation for it. The same applies to the vessel sinking.

The owner/rider can be pressed with criminal charges if they don’t approach concerned authorities after causing the accident or make a run for it immediately.

A boating accident can cause serious harm that can be life-changing. A Miami boating accident lawyer can ease the blow by getting you the compensation you deserve.