To many people, driveway gates provide a sense of beauty and prestige. Since it is the first thing that individuals see when they arrive at their places, driveway gates need to be unique and of high quality. Driveway gates provide security and an added value to the property. Choosing driveway gates seems to be overwhelming, but there are few things that individuals need to consider. Before choosing driveway gates, it is crucial to ensure that it complements the architecture of the house. Moreover, it is paramount to consider factors such as the gate material, gate type, automatic opening mechanisms, and the design. The following are some of the types of driveway gates that individuals should opt for based on their needs.

Steel Driveway Gates

Apart from the available exceptional designs, steel driveways provide added security to commercial and residential properties. Statistics indicate that $14.3 billion is lost annually in property crime-related issues. Steel driveway gates offer an added value to the house. Moreover, with many applicable unique designs, steel gates provide owners with a sense of pride and beauty. For instance, steel gates increase the value of the business for commercial properties.

Additionally, steel gates do not only provide security for external risks but also to internal assets. For instance, for residential properties, steel gates offer safety for children and pets. For commercial properties, it ensures safety for the most valuable assets. Moreover, it gives users an added privacy.

Wood Driveway Gates

There are added benefits of installing a wood driveway gate. To begin with, wood is the most economical material for driveway gates in the market. Moreover, wood materials are available in almost every hardware store.

It is easy to maintain wood driveway gates. All that is needed is to sprinkle and spray it daily. Wooden gates have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. With additional preservative, wood is ideal for outdoor purposes. Unlike other metal driveway gates that rust over time, wood gates have a decay process that enhances its look over time.

Wood gates are popular due to their appealing texture and look. Moreover, they provide a sense of security from internal and external thefts. Additionally, they also increase the value of both commercial and residential properties.

Aluminium Driveway Gates

Aluminium driveway gates are an economical and attractive solution to commercial and residential properties. Aluminium gates are inexpensive to maintain. Moreover, aluminium gates are affordable and offer higher rust resistance. However, aluminium gates are less durable than other metal driveway gates since aluminium is light.

Under normal conditions, aluminium driveway gates don’t require repainting in their entire lifespan. Thus, users need little resources in maintenance. Furthermore, aluminium gates are easy and first to install.

Glass Driveway Gates

The installation of Glass Driveway gates has increased due to the elegance and the ability of glass to transform the outlook of commercial and residential properties. Glass is commonly preferred because materials such as gold and copper can be added to a piece of glass to increase elegance and the value of the property. However, it is crucial to note that it is expensive to maintain and install glass driveway gates.

Iron Driveway Gates

Iron driveway gates are durable compared to other materials. Moreover, they can be complemented with additional materials and different designs to increase the elegance and value of properties. However, iron driveway gates require high maintenance due to the prevalence of rust.