Students are enabled to understand multiple ways to tackle tricky questions with the help of Selina Solutions. Physics and Biology are the most important subjects in which the students need to perform well if he/she aims to succeed in the field of Engineering or Medical. The Solutions are solved by the expert teachers, which help students to answer every type of questions of Class 10 textbook, as per the ICSE board guidelines. The comprehensive answers of Selina Solutions Class 10 Biology make students’ learning process easier. Regular practice of Selina Solutions helps students on how to write answers, in order to fetch good marks in board exams. The Solutions are prepared as per the intelligence quotient of students. Selina Solutions Class 10 Physics are available for quick access including textbook questions and previous year question papers. Diligent practice of Selina Solutions is the key source in clearing students’ doubts quickly. Solutions with thorough explanations help students to analyse their exam preparation and focus on weak points. Students can make use of these Solutions to cover all the concepts within a shorter duration. It is necessary to have a proper schedule which covers all the concepts in the subject. This also helps them to work on their weak points in each chapter and set their goals based on them.

Some of the important chapters in Physics are force, work, energy and power, machines, refraction of light at plane surfaces, sound and electricity. For more effective understanding, Selina Solutions consists of topics along with diagrams based on each question. The solutions are curated by experts in such a way that students easily overcome exam fear and also assess their conceptual knowledge. The teachers advise students to create a list of significant points, formulas during revising textbook questions so that they can understand them in depth. Hence, this systematic learning process helps them to boost confidence and become more competent in the subject. Practising these Solutions also helps them to understand the logic in solving questions without any obstacles.

The main chapters of Biology are structure of chromosomes, genetics, absorption by roots, transpiration and photosynthesis. Selina Solutions Class 10 Biology provides deep explanations along with suitable diagrams for students, wherever necessary. Students are suggested to go through sample papers after completion of revision to know the question pattern of final examination. The Solutions are prepared in a descriptive manner, in accordance with the ICSE syllabus. The PDF format of Selina Solutions are available both online and offline from their respective links.

Tips for Exam Preparation:

  • Students are advised not to miss any steps while solving, as each step carries marks, as per the ICSE board exams
  • Thorough revision of formulas, shortcut methods and theorems on a daily basis are necessary to grasp and remember them in the examination.
  • Solving miscellaneous questions from the previous year question papers and sample papers are helpful in scoring good marks
  • Practising exercise wise problems regularly is a must to perform better in the academic exams