How NJ Ayuk Came to Be a Passionate Defender of Africa’s Oil and Gas Industry 

NJ Ayuk works as a managing partner for Centurion Law Group, a corporate law firm headquartered in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Centurion has four additional offices across Africa. One of Ayuk’s primary responsibilities is to negotiate and structure natural resource projects and then implement them in sub-Saharan Africa. He works with local and international governments and companies every day.

Educational and Professional Background of NJ Ayuk

Ayuk traveled to the United States to complete his education. He first earned an undergraduate degree in Politics and Government from the University of Maryland at College Park. The next step in his educational journey was earning a Juris Doctor degree in law from the William Mitchell College of Law. Ayuk also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the New York Institute of Technology.

NJ Ayuk worked a few entry-level jobs, such as fast food and cleaning hotels, before landing the first position in his field. Some previous employers include:

  • BakerBotts LLP
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • Vanco Energy

He gained valuable experience with these companies before launching Centurion Law Group with a business partner.

How Ayuk Became Interested in a Legal Career

Civil rights have always been a passion for Ayuk. While earning his bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland, he had the opportunity to receive mentoring from Jesse Jackson’s campaign manager, Dr. Ron Walters. His mentor taught him that he could be either a blessing or a curse to society in his role of lawyer.

Ayuk has also had a years-long passion for the energy sector in Africa. He felt that businesses and private citizens were wasting too many of the country’s natural resources. Millions of people once lacked access to power in Africa, and Ayuk took up the cause of making energy attainable and affordable for all his fellow citizens. He also noted that communities with more natural resources didn’t have the necessary training to help make the best use of them.

NJ Ayuk Shifts His Career Focus to the Oil and Gas Sector

Ayuk had no background in oil and gas when he decided to focus on the industry in his legal career. However, he had a solid education in business and finance that he knew would help him learn the ins and outs of oil and gas in Africa. He was adamant that he would undo the damage big oil and gas companies from outside of Africa were doing to the country he loved.

At the time Ayuk got into oil and gas, Africa had no infrastructure set up to support investors and mid-sized firms that wanted to get into the industry. He decided to do something about that and started Centurion Law Firm to help people and organizations receive the support they needed.

Ayuk also wanted to put a stop to mega-corporations coming into Africa and taking too much of the country’s natural resources back home with them. The result has been a more resource-rich country that is improving its sustainable energy efforts with each passing year.

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