Before the start of the NBA regular season, the league holds preseason games. These games happen for two weeks in late September or the beginning of October, concluding days before the regular season tips off. Generally, every team plays around six games in the preseason. Take note that these matchups are only exhibition games which means there are no championship games, MVP, or something like that.

Teams may face each other more than once. They also get the chance to play against international teams.

The NBA preseason serves as the preparation stage for the NBA regular games. Teams participate in preseason games to get ready. This is the time when you see new players, coaches, line-ups, and rookies take on the court. Also, teams travel around the world to promote the NBA, allowing fans in different nations to have the chance to see their favorite team.

For the past years, the preseason games were held in India, Hawaii, Japan, China, and more. Fans got a taste of the excitement the NBA brings.

When the NBA resumed its operations in the bubble, the 22 participating teams played three scrimmages before moving on in the seeding games. The teams played four 10-minute quarters in the first scrimmage. For the second scrimmages, the normal 12-minute per quarter was used again.

Here are some of the reasons why the NBA preseason games are worth following:

  1. Know Who is in Shape

Players who missed a lot of playing time in the previous season due to injuries are more likely to use the preseason to test if their injuries are healed. Well, they might not play with full intensity but you can see if they have regained their health and ready for the regular season.

This is also a great time to know how players spend their summer. Did they recover from injuries? Did they join training programs? Did they enjoy life to the fullest? You will find out the answers once they step foot on the preseason games.

  1. See Changes

Usually, teams with the same coaching staff and key players implement the same approach. However, teams might also try to change their game and improve their system especially if there are new players or coaches. The success of the changes made is not likely to be seen in the preseason but you can see if it will work or not in the long run.

  1. Cheaper Tickets

If you cannot afford the regular season tickets, the NBA preseason is a great chance for you to watch NBA games. The NBA is considered as the gold standard in basketball so if you want to catch an NBA game that would not cost you much, the NBA preseason is there for you.

  1. Roles of Rookies

Every year, the NBA holds a draft where prospects get the chance to play in the league. During the preseason, you will have an idea of what will be the role of rookies in their teams. Will they have more playing time? Will they be in the starting lineup?

The way how rookies play in the preseason will give you an idea of how they will perform in the regular season. High-level rookies are expected to get plenty of playing time but sometimes, uncelebrated rookies are given a vital role in the team early on.

Watching the NBA preseason allows you to have an idea of how teams will perform in the regular season. If you are into sports handicapping, it will good for you to watch the NBA preseason games to have a glimpse of how the regular season will unfold.