Online poker is getting a lot of popularity among people all around the world. No one can step out of their homes due to which it has become the most famous source of both fun and entertainment. On this online poker platform, you will find tons of casino game which can confuse you that which game you want to hope in and play.

If you are looking at the best game in the casino market, then your search ends here. The name of that game is Ceme OnlineIt is a card game which is played with a set of 28 cards from the whole deck of 52 cards. So, let us hope in and tell you in detail; that how to play the most famous online casino game.

Rules for playing Ceme Online

If you are new to this game, then it is a must that you learn how to play this game. The game is the same as the famous casino game domino qq. The only difference is that this game consists of two domino cards instead of four. If we discuss in detail, then the game will proceed in the following way:-

  • When you join the Ceme Online, you will find that there are least two and a maximum of 8 players on the table. Along with them, there is a dealer without which the game will not start.
  • The dealer will start to deal with the card, and every player will get a set of 2 cards each.
  • After dealing there is an opportunity with the player to peek into their cards or play blind.
  • Now everyone will have to choose one side either the banker side or the player side.
  • Now they will start to bet on the table.
  • After the time of the table is up you have to show your cards.
  • The person whose total of both the cards is more on the scale of 0 to 9 then that person wins.
  • If the total is more than nine, then the last digit of the total will be counted, i.e., if the total is 13, then the total counted will be 3.
  • There are some special rules also in the Ceme Online game. If there is a tie situation between both the banker and the player then, in that case, the banker will get the advantage.
  • The number is beneficial for the player. If the total of the player is nine, then the amount that player will receive is going to be double the amount on the table. The banker side has to pay for the amount to the player. If the banker gets the number nine, then they get the amount that is lying on the table. There is no special treatment offered to the banker.


The above mentioned are the simple step that you must follow if you want to play Ceme Online. It is a simple game that is easy to learn, and you will not find another game, i.e., easy yet efficient enough to help you make money. So, find a casino website get yourself registered and start playing.