One can undoubtedly say that the design of the watch has brought a considerable number of admirers all over the globe. Interestingly, its skeleton hand, helium escape valve, and scalloped bezel have got a “Love it or hate it” approach. This is quite unbelievable when compared with an iconic design. The watch has stuck around for a very long time, and there is a guarantee that it’ll pass for generations.

Further, the advent of modern material science and its absolute conjunction towards the advancement in co-axial escapement added with anti-magnetism technology has made the watch exceptional. Likewise, the omega rubber strap adds a layer of beauty to the technology.

The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M has been around the market since 1993. One of the most stylish watches, the teetered design has been an absolute success and surprisingly never had a unanimous vote from the enthusiast community. Quick down the line, the most recent example is the polished ceramic dial, ceramic bezel, and CO-Axial caliber 8800. Meanwhile, if it weren’t Pierce Brosnan, the suave Bond of all, the watch would have been amongst Omega’s lineup.

If you prefer a rubber strap, getting trying out the omega seamaster rubber band is the best thing.


The strap looks exceptionally simple. The rubber strap’s tone offers an excellent finish, which is reasonably uncommon even in this era. The brushed vertical line breaks the satin base of the strap exquisitely. On the other side, the strap’s lack of brushed vertical line would have definitely made it look too bland. Meanwhile, the most favorite color seems to be black or dark blue.


The clasp in the Omega Seamaster rubber strap comes with an exclusive touch. In fact, it is one of the best clasps ever designed by Omega. The company didn’t skimp on the machining portion, and it’s exceptionally robust too. They don’t seem like an item that can be pressurized. The profile represents the lungs of the watch in a very majestic way. The straps definitely belong to an integral type of product. Meanwhile, the bracelet that it lays is amazingly comfortable and pretty flat for such a beefy clasp.

The bracelet fits the case exquisitely. There’s no gap, it offers a tight fit, and there is no movement near the lug areas too. The strap keeper on the other side has a little peg that sticks out. The floating keeper floats and locks it into the strap tail perfectly. It plugs neither in right where the triangle is situated, neither ahead nor behind.

These are the reasons why the band looks brilliantly appealing to the customer across the globe. The tail also has a perfect end. Likewise, the fixed keeper branded OMEGA as 100% stiff. The keeper is definitely carved out of titanium and integrated into the strap. As a fact, it feels extremely sturdy to wear.

The Omega seamaster rubber strap has the perfect amount of “give” and structure that secure the wrist. Meanwhile, it barely peeks out if looked at indirectly. The end conclusion is that it’s very comfy and easy to wear. You get the class of wearing an Omega watch with a stylish outlook and great comfort.