Block games have been around for decades. They have evolved to become what they are today- games that we can play anytime anywhere. One of the reasons that have made block games very popular is the excellent gaming experience they offer players.

There are so many block puzzles available today that can be downloaded on Google Play Station, thanks to the development of technology in the gaming industry. Some of the most popular block puzzle games include Sudoku, Tetris, Block Puzzle Jewel, Blockudoku, etc.

But how have block games progressed over the years?

In this article, we are going to take a look at how two of the best block games i.e., Tetris and Sudoku have progressed over time.

Let’s delve into them. 


Tetris is the world’s greatest block game of all time. It was created in 1984 by Alex Pajitnov, a researcher at Moscow’s Academy of Science. He got his inspiration from a board game called Pentomino, which he used to play as a child. Pajitnov based his project around the concept of Tetrominoes.

Pajitnov decided to design the game using seven distinctive playing pieces, which are made from 4 squares, referred to as Tetrominos. So he was able to create a puzzle in which players had to fit the blocks together to fill the entire row.

Despite its simple origin, Tetris gained popularity right away. It first gained popularity around the Soviet Union. But the game became tremendously popular globally when Nintendo bought the game in 1985. Since then, various versions of Tetris have been created globally. However, even though several versions have been created, all of them revolve around the original concept by Alex Pajitnov.

Nowadays, we can download various versions of Tetris whether for Android or iOS. Modern Tetris is addictive, relaxing, and mind-stimulating. This makes it a perfect game that can help you relax after a long, tiring day. Tetris puzzle game has made huge progress since its release in 1984, and it boasts of being the world’s greatest block puzzle game of all time.


The Sudoku Puzzle game is believed to have been designed in 1979 by Howard Garns, a retired architect and freelance puzzle constructor from Indiana. Sudoku was first published by Dell Magazines by the name Number Place. Japanese publisher Nikoli later changed the name from Number Place to Sudoku. Sudoku is a Japanese word that means “only single-digit”

It was until 2004 when Sudoku became known globally. And it broke all records to emerge as one of the best PC puzzle games. Various variations of Sudoku have been created, but the original concept still remains the same. Some of the versions of Sudoku that have been created include Logic 5, Jigsaw Sudoku, Mini Sudoku, and many more. It is estimated that there are over 6 sextillion Sudoku puzzles to play. Additionally, Sudoku has proved to be among the best puzzle games ever graced for the mobile platform.