Everything You Need To Know About Barber Pole Cigars

Cigar makers are becoming more creative each passing year. Today, you can find cigars of different types and sizes as they resemble baseball bats, footballs, a trio of traditional smoking C for Culebra, among other designs. There are even cigarettes the length of an arm if desired.

Regardless of shape and size, the unique cigar you will see is the cigar pole barber.

Barber Pole Cigar

We should always decide what a cigar pole barber is. It is a cigarette that comes wrapped in two types of alternating wraps. The most common combination of barber pole cigars is Maduro and Natural wrappers.

However, for products like Arturo Fuente between the lines, you will find the Connecticut broadleaf alternating with the Connecticut shade cover. You will see a clear pattern of gold-blonde color and a dark brown mixture.

The difference in the folds of the wrap is fantastic. As a result, there are as many Barber cigars varieties as you can find in a variety of packaging, including Brazilian, Candela, and Ecuador.

Brief History of the Barber Pole Cigars

Their first emergence of Barber pole cigars was during the boom of the 1990s. The Fuente family created the first distinctive brand of the Barber pole cigars. Today, barber pole cigars are becoming less common because producing exquisite brands can be costly and challenging, especially in large quantities.

To begin with, you need the most experienced people to roll the cigars. You must also match a blend of different wrappers seamlessly without one overlapping on the other, and this requires so much patience and time. As a result, cigar rollers from the Fuente factory are highly trained and skilled to craft original Barber pole cigars.

Today, Barber pole cigars have unique visual aesthetics. However, people debate over taste or shape. Some prefer the wealth and balance of the original flavor, while others talk of the different taste profiles of the alternating wrappers as each contradicts the other.

Five Varieties of Barber Pole Cigars

There are five distinct types of Barber pole cigars that are available. If you are curious to identify them, read further.

Arturo Fuente Between the Lines (Hemingway)

It has to be the dual-wrapper Barber pole cigar that the people are always after. Fuente between the lines is handmade using aged and premium Dominican fillers beneath the alternating Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and Connecticut shade wrapper.

It also relies on a celebrated and rich blend of tobaccos giving it a natural and distinctive taste. Though costly, it compensates with the rich aroma of the subtle blend of alternating wrappers.

Rocky Patel

A famous blend of Rocky Patel cigar smokes is the Edge. It is full-bodied and has a potent peppery recipe engulfed in a Maduro and brown Corojo alternating wrappers. It is a sweet blend of spicy flavors that include chestnuts, wood, black pepper, leather, and earth traces.

CAO America

CAO America is a commemoration of a rich blend of distinctive tastes from specific regions of the world. The CAO America uses a thin pinstripe of Connecticut shade wrapper and a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper’s predominant presence.

It makes it less conventional and subtle, yet it enhances the complex interior of American, Nicaragua, Dominican, and Italian blends of tobaccos.

7-20-4 (The Hustler)

It features a handmade pint-sized format and has a dark Brazilian leaf over a blend of medium long-filler tobacco and Connecticut golden Ecuador wrapper. It also has Costa Rica and Nicaragua sweet, earthy, toasty, and spicy notes of concentrated taste in the shape of a dog walker.

Rocky Patel (Mulligans Golden Ferret)

It is not the most expensive brand of a Barber pole cigar. Neither is it among the famous. However, what it has distinctively is the unique draw of smoke from an alternating Maduro wrapper leaf that is draped over a rich blend of Nicaragua and Dominican long-fillers.

You can taste the rich flavor of distinctive chocolate mingle with traces of toasted cashews. It also boasts of an impressive finish that offers a smooth aesthetic appeal.


The Barber pole brand of cigars is famous for the art and handmade appeal between alternating wrappers. The Arturo Fuente Between the Lines is among the most preferred  products. It is costly, however, highly recommendable to cigar smokers.

You can sample all the Barber pole cigar varieties and experience the rich and distinctive taste that each has to offer. The natural blend of tobaccos and the alternating wrappers combine to give a unique flavor.

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